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Create Wellness

"I’ve taught hundreds of thousands of people how to use their minds to move their bodies toward better health. I’m confident that I can teach you too." - Marty Rossman MD

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

A lot of stress comes from a runaway imagination. We will show you how to effectively use your imagination to relieve stress and anxiety.

Promote Healing

Our mind/body healing techniques positively alter muscle tension, stress responses, heart rate, blood pressure and most of the major control systems of the body.

Tap The Power Of Self Healing

You were born with the ability to heal. We will teach you how to use your mind to fully utilize your innate healing power.

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Testimonials for Dr Rossman and the Healing Mind

Dr Larry Dossey

 "Dr. Marty Rossman turns worry upside down and shows how it can actually be beneficial if handled wisely. THE WORRY SOLUTION may be the last book on stress management you'll ever need to buy."

Dr Andrew Weil

"Dr. Marty Rossman is a gifted practitioner and teacher of guided imagery and mind/body medicine. I highly recommend his CDs and audio programs for learning how to use your mind/body connection for healing."

Dr Rachel Naomi Remen

"Dr. Rossman, the earliest pioneer of mind/body imagery, is one of the great healers of our generation."

Guided Imagery For Anxiety & Stress

Guided Imagery for Pain Relief

Guided Imagery for Cancer Patients

Guided Imagery for Healing & Wellness

Guided Imagery for Womens Health

Latest News from the Healing Mind

What Kinds of Illnesses Can Be Treated with Imagery?

What Kinds of Illnesses Can Be Treated with Imagery?

     While preliminary studies have demonstrated that imagery can be an effective part of treatment in a wide variety of illnesses, I am reluctant ...
Imagery and Physiological Change

Imagery and Physiological Change

     Imagery in healing is probably best known for its direct effects on physiology. Through imagery, you can stimulate changes in many bodily func...
Is the "Quantified Self" Always a Good Idea?

Is the "Quantified Self" Always a Good Idea?

Who knows better - you or your Fitbit?     Do you have a Fitbit? Apple Watch? Smartphone? Do you get your 10,000 steps a day? Does the device help...

Testimonials for Dr Rossman and the Healing Mind

Dr Sara Gottfried

"I used your Preparing for Surgery visualizations and they truly turned me around. I ended up having a mystical experience in the operating room, thanks in part to your healing by proxy."

Dr Dean Ornish

"Martin Rossman, M.D., is one of the pioneers in developing the field of imagery. My colleagues and I have used his tapes in our clinical research and found them to be very useful. Highly recommended."

Dr O. Carl Simonton

"A responsible and wonderful contribution. A real gift to the person with illness and to all people interested in health."

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