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Do you...

Have a problem with chronic pain?

Not get enough relief with what you are doing?

Want to explore what your brain/mind can do to help?

Want to have more control over the way you feel?

Your brain is a powerful inner pharmacy - let me show you how to write and fill mind/body prescriptions for healing !

Try USE YOUR BRAIN TO EASE YOUR PAIN for 90 days. If you are not completely satisfied I’ll return your money – no questions asked.

USE YOUR BRAIN TO EASE YOUR PAIN will teach you step-by-step... 

  • To deeply relax your mind and body ...
  • To use powerful pain-relieving suggestions through guided imagery ...
  • To bring wisdom and caring to your healing process ...
  • To shift the way you think about healing pain ...
  • To integrate the outer and inner approaches you are taking to relieve pain ...

Learn from One of the World’s Leading Teachers of Mind/Body Medicine

"Dr. Marty Rossman is a gifted practitioner and teacher of guided imagery and mind/body medicine. I highly recommend his CDs and audio programs for learning how to use your mind/body connection for healing." - Dr. Andrew Weil

"Martin Rossman, M.D., is one of the pioneers in developing the field of imagery. My colleagues and I have used his tapes in our clinical research and found them to be very useful. Highly recommended." - Dr. Dean Ornish


In this self-paced course, I will teach you...

  • A powerful way to turn off the stress and anxiety amplifiers of pain
  • How to reliably create a receptive state for pain relief imagery
  • How to use multisensory pain relief suggestions
  • How to access and work with a wise Inner Advisor to reduce pain and suffering
  • How to find out if your pain is trying to bring something healing to your attention
  • How to create and follow through on a mind/body pain relief action plan 

Here’s What You’ll Get in the USE YOUR BRAIN TO EASE YOUR PAIN  course

  • A downloadable 47 page journal to track your progress, record your insights, and work with your journey of healing 
  • A simple way to record and track your pain relief
  • Brief, targeted informative lectures and instruction guides by Dr. Rossman
  • Four complete Relaxation and Guided Imagery (RGI) audios by Dr. Rossman teaching you the "inner game" of mind/body pain relief
  • Questions and prompts to guide your journalling and learning
  • Immediately practical guidelines for having success with pain relief.
  • An action planning approach for integrating your inner and outer pain relief programs

I'm Dr. Marty Rossman and I've taught thousands of patients, students, readers and viewers how to use Relaxation and Guided Imagery to stimulate healing responses in body and mind ... Give yourself permission to learn and ten hours of practice and I'll teach you to dial down your pain with your brain/mind/body connection