Guided Imagery for Self-Healing 4 CD Set

The Healing Mind

Healing Yourself: A Step-By-Step Program For Better Health Through Imagery This set of 4 CDs was studio recorded by Dr. Rossman to teach you the nine essential guided imagery skills he describes in his book Guided Imagery for Self-Healing. His calming, relaxing voice makes it easy to go inside and explore the inner world of healing. Using the book and audio set together is the most effective and rapid way to learn to use guided imagery to help improve your well-being. Teaches you to: Deeply Relax (mentally and physically) Promote Self-Healing through visualization Focus Within and draw on the wisdom of your body Understand your health needs and symptoms Become Aware of your inner resources Act on what you have learned to promote healing. NOTE: CD set only - does not include book.
If you are interested in a fully digital version of the Book and CD set, you can download the 4 CD set and then purchase the Kindle version of the book separately at the link below.

$ 59.95