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Relaxing Into Healing

Relaxing Into Healing

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Guided imagery teaches you how to use your imagination to relax, reduce stress, relieve symptoms, solve problems, and stimulate healing responses in your body.

Relaxing Into Healing will introduce you to the power of imagery to relax your body and create the relaxed, aware state in which mind/body healing is most effective. First, you will learn a simple breathing technique that begins to release stress, then a muscle relaxation process to enhance your body awareness and reduce unnecessary muscle tension, stiffness or pain. Then you will be invited to imagine yourself in a beautiful, safe place that has healing qualities for you, and begin to explore your healing imagery.

These basic skills can be used as regular relaxation practices, as ways of getting to sleep or releasing stress, or as ways to reach the state of focused relaxation that will allow you to most effectively use other guided imagery skills for your specific purposes.

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