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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Pain, along with fatigue, is the most common complaint heard by any physician or primary health care professional. Chronic pain is pain that persists beyond the length expected from an injury, and can become a difficult problem in itself. A good deal of medical research shows that many people can reduce or relieve pain successfully with relaxation and guided imagery.

PainOur Pain Relief CD will teach you three frequently effective methods of reducing pain through the mind/body connection, and the Guided Imagery for Self-Healing Book and 4 CD set will teach you all the fundamental skills of using guided imagery to help stimulate healing from within. The book will explain the process, review the science behind it, and coach you through the common questions that people have, while the CD set guides you through the 9 essential guided imagery skills taught in the book.

We recommend reading the book no matter what CDs you choose, but if you prefer to just listen rather than read, you may want to start with Self Healing with Guided Imagery, a 2 CD set featuring Dr. Andrew Weil. The first CD explains mind/body healing and guided imagery while the second teaches you three self-healing skills.

Additionally we have created CD’s specifically designed to relieve the pain associated with Headache and Fibromyalgia. Our Pain Relief CD has proven effective in reducing the pain and discomfort associated with the following conditions: Arthritis, back pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), neck pain, painful periods, pelvic pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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