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The Healing Mind ( ) is focused on collecting, sharing, and supporting research on mind body and guided imagery effects on health and self-care. We participate in, design, and support research projects that help us better understand how people can use relaxation and guided imagery to support their health and healing.

Why are we focused on research?

Dr. Rossman and our expert advisors have spent much of the last 30 years working with lay people and professionals alike to understand how the mind and body best work together towards better health. We have discovered that there is an extensive and compelling body of research that demonstrates the effectiveness of relaxation, meditation, and guided imagery in a wide range of medical and health-related conditions, but this knowledge is largely not known by the medical profession. Our mission includes sharing this information with both the public and health professionals in appropriate formats, so that these simple, inexpensive, and empowering approaches become part of the standard of good medical care. The Healing Mind not only aggregates and publishes research reviews, but also works collaboratively with researchers in the field to design and support original research. If you are aware of research that doesn't appear yet in our free research reviews, or know of research opportunities that we might support, please let us know.

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