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Integrative Mind/Body
Health Coaching with
Dr. Marty Rossman

A personalized approach just for you

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Unlock the Door to Personalized Wellness

Are you ready to transform your health and well-being with the guidance of an expert in mind/body medicine? Dr. Marty Rossman is now offering exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions. This is your opportunity to receive personalized guidance and learn powerful techniques tailored to your unique needs.

These sessions, available via phone, Zoom, or Facetime, are designed to empower you with mind/body techniques to enhance your natural healing abilities, no matter the challenges you face.

Expert Guidance Tailored to You

As an internationally recognized authority on mind/body healing, Dr. Rossman will provide personal guidance in selecting and utilizing relaxation and guided imagery techniques best suited for your specific situation.

Why Choose Coaching with Dr. Rossman?

  • Gain insights from over 50 years of experience in mind/body medicine.
  • Learn techniques to support your innate healing abilities.
  • Receive personal guidance tailored to your personal health and wellness journey.

Investment in Your Well-being

Initial Consultation:
60 minutes at $450, payable prior to your appointment.

Follow-up Coaching:
$450 per hour-long session, or $225 for half-hour sessions when appropriate.

Coaching fees are not billable to insurance or reimbursable, as no medical diagnosis or treatment is provided. Please consult your tax advisor regarding potential reimbursement from HSA or FSA accounts.

Embark on Your Coaching Journey

If you're ready to explore Integrative Mind/Body Health Coaching with Dr. Rossman, please download our Coaching Agreement, sign, and send it to us at

Scheduling and Cancellation Policy

To schedule your coaching appointment, please contact Dr. Rossman at 415-925-8600. Cancellations made with 24 hours or more notice will not incur a charge. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full fee, unless the appointment slot can be filled.

Important Disclaimer

Please note that these coaching sessions do not constitute medical visits. No diagnoses will be made or treatments prescribed. Dr. Rossman cannot assume clinical responsibility, write prescriptions or manage medical decisions for patients not seen in person. It is essential for you to have a primary care provider for examinations, clinical care, diagnostic tests, prescriptions, referrals, and other medical services.