The Worry Solution: Guided Experience 2 CD Set

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The Worry Solution: Guided Experience 2 CD Set

The audio companion to Dr. Rossman's book of the same name will guide you through the eight relaxation and imagery processes he teaches in the book. Buy the book and CD set together for the fastest, easiest way to learn to worry less, but better.

In The Worry Solution, Dr. Rossman gives you an easy-to-follow plan for taking control of your reactions to stress and anxiety. Using proven clinical techniques that harness the very power of imagination that creates worry and stress, you will learn the five basic skills that will help you to clarify your worries, sort them into those you can and cannot do something about, and tap the wisdom buried deep within you to help solve problems creatively. At the heart of the program is the use of guided imagery and creative visualization, techniques that invigorate the emotional and intuitive parts of the brain to add to and enhance logical intelligence. Please note: The Worry Solution CDs may arrive in Blue or Yellow version.

If you are interested in the fully digital version of the Book and CDs, you can download the CD Set on this page and then purchase the Kindle version of the book at the link below.

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