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Healing Mind Testimonials

Clients love Dr. Marty and The Healing Mind. Below are some real reviews from real users just like you!

"I love your lectures & podcasts with you as a guest. Very helpful information. Please do it more!"

Maria P.

"I discovered you a little while ago and listen to your older YouTube videos to fall asleep at night..."

Nancy P.

"Loved the encouraging and strengthening thoughts and imagery of our ability to heal."

Cynthia L.

"I love your lectures & podcasts with you as a guest. Very helpful information. Please do it more!"I appreciate the honesty and competence of Dr. Martin Rossman. Follow this man's advice! When you apply the 80/20 rule to health professionals, he is in the top 10%. Unfortunately it is doubtful he will ever possess a personal six pack of Lamborghini's in his driveway or a 20yr old trophy wife. His version of the American dream seems to differ from the mainstream run of the mill doctors that you run into these days."

Bob S.

"Thank you Dr. Rossman. Without you knowing you have been my primary doctor for many years. I have you in my Audible for guided imagery and it works for most aches and pains, including some tough experiences. I wish you lots of health and joy myself. As a side note, you don't have much in other languages at least not Spanish, French or Portuguese, (maybe other languages) so this could be a next adventure."

Ricardo M.

After many years in an extremely stressful work place, I decided to retire. In my last month at work, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Stress was a major factor leading to this as my oncologist told me “Your job was literally killing you”. Your teachings have been so valuable to me in washing stress out of my body, mind, soul & spirit. I am a Bible believing person. Your teaching complements my beliefs & have helped me implement my faith to improve my health. Thankfully, the NHL is not growing and requires no treatment (early detection). You have made a huge positive difference & I wanted to let you know.


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Dr Larry Dossey

Dr. Marty Rossman turns worry upside down and shows how it can actually be beneficial if handled wisely. THE WORRY SOLUTION may be the last book on stress management you'll ever need to buy.

Dr. Larry Dossey

Dr Larry Dossey

Dr. Marty Rossman is a gifted practitioner and teacher of guided imagery and mind/body medicine. I highly recommend his CDs and audio programs for learning how to use your mind/body connection for healing.

Dr. Andrew Weil

Dr Larry Dossey

Dr. Rossman, the earliest pioneer of mind/body imagery, is one of the great healers of our generation.

Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen