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Fertility, childbirth, and cyclic hormonal changes create specific challenges and opportunities in a woman’s life. Research shows that mind/body approaches based in relaxation and guided imagery are helpful in women’s health issues ranging from infertility through labor and delivery, and from premenstrual syndrome through menopause.

PainMind/body self-healing meditations can also relieve stress and anxiety, relieve the pain of headaches, fibromyalgia, or menstrual cramps, and help women get more natural restful sleep, wherever they are in their life cycle. If surgery is required, mentally preparing is tremendously helpful.

A deep understanding and mastery of imagery for healing can be developed by working with our Guided Imagery for Self-Healing book and CD set. This unique work is designed as a home study program that will teach you how to use the nine fundamental imagery skills for self-healing and apply them to virtually any situation.

Dr. Rossman’s second book and CD set, Fighting Cancer from Within, can help guide you or a loved one through a journey with cancer and its treatment, and has been used by tens of thousands of women fighting breast, ovarian, cervical or uterine cancers.

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