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Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety & Stress

People experience stress when the demands on them exceed their perceived capacity to cope. Stress can affect every major organ and body system. It can cause or worsen many conditions, among them immune system suppression, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, addictions, diabetes, chronic pain, sleep disorders, angina, hypertension, PTSD, eating disorders, and cancer.

Anxiety & StressAnxiety, whether in the form of worry, nervousness, or panic, is common in our culture, and very problematic. When we worry, the body prepares for "fight or flight," putting in motion a chain of physiological effects that can leave us exhausted, depressed, or physically ill. Our Anxiety Relief download shows you how to reverse this debilitating state through relaxation and specific guided imagery techniques. For a more in-depth training, our Guided Imagery for Self-Healing book and 4 downloads set will teach you all the fundamental skills of using guided imagery to help stimulate healing from within. The book will explain the process, review the science behind it, and coach you through the common questions that people have, while the guided imageries set guides you through the 9 essential guided imagery skills taught in the book. There is a good deal of research that demonstrates the benefit of relaxation and guided imagery in relieving and managing anxiety.

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