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The 3 Keys to Calmness
The 3 Keys to Calmness
The 3 Keys to Calmness

The 3 Keys to Calmness

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This targeted multi-media course will teach you the what, why and how of deep relaxation using the three fundamental skills that create that restorative and stress-reducing state.

Dr. Rossman guides you with six short video lectures, two guided imagery audios, a downloadable 3 week tracking journal to measure your progress, and a rapid way to assess your current stress level.

You can complete the course in as little as an hour, but use what you learn for a lifetime.

Course Description

Inside you'll also learn :

  • How to breathe so that your body shifts from the stressed "fight or flight" state to the "rest and digest" relaxation state.
  • How to use guided imagery to “talk” to your body in a way it understands… and responds to immediately.
  • How to use my efficient "Three Key" method to relax your body and mind whenever you want or need it.

Who This Course Is For

If you want to learn how to recognize when your stress level is too high … and how to bring it down, this course is a great option.

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