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Comfortable Dentistry

Comfortable Dentistry

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Modern dentistry generally involves little discomfort, but as many as 15% of Americans have so much anxiety about it that they avoid having dental care at all. More commonly, people become tense before dentistry, and that tension can make dental procedures more uncomfortable than they need to be.

Fortunately, taking some time to mentally prepare for dentistry can help relieve much of this anxiety, and make dentistry much more comfortable. A good deal of research has shown that relaxation and guided imagery skills not only reduce dental anxiety, but also reduce discomfort and speed recovery afterwards.

Comfortable Dentistry will teach you to relax and be more comfortable during and after dental procedures of any kind. Setting Yourself Up for Comfort will review what you can do in advance of your procedure to make sure you and your dentist are working together to keep you comfortable. Relaxing Into Comfort will guide you through a guided imagery process that promotes relaxation, comfort, and ease, and Healing After Dental Procedures will help promote rapid and trouble-free healing. Using this Audio before, during, and after your dental procedure can help you make the most of your dentistry with the least discomfort.

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