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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

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A great deal of medical research has shown that many people have the ability to significantly reduce or relieve pain through relaxation and guided imagery practices. Imagery can relax tight and sore muscles, can enhance blood flow to injured areas, and can promote the release of pain-relieving endorphins from the brain.

Pain Relief will teach you three methods for using guided imagery to reduce or eliminate pain. They can be used along with any other pain treatments you may be using. Your Healing Place will teach you a deep relaxation method and a way to begin imagining a place that supports your body's ability to heal and recover. Endorphin Drip Imagery includes a variety of images that have often been associated with pain relief, and the Dialogue with Pain allows you to explore any meaning or signal value that the pain may have, so that you can respond appropriately. Regular practice with these techniques can help you become a more active participant in managing or eliminating your pain.

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