Healing Cancer From Within

The Healing Mind

Your body always tries to do what your mind asks it to do, so it's important to learn to focus your mind on healing. Focusing on thoughts and images that support healing, especially in a relaxed yet highly aware state, enhances the power of this mind/body response. Guided imagery can help you learn to stimulate muscle relaxation, blood flow, enhanced immunity and clarify your intention to heal. It will help you feel more active in your healing and may well contribute to a more positive outcome. Healing Cancer from Within will teach you three guided imagery processes that will help you develop, refine, and energize your deeply personal images of healing. Finding a Healing Place will invite you to create an inner place with qualities that support your body's innate healing abilities. Your Inner Healer will invite you to have a conversation with an image that can represent the innate healing intelligence within you, to see what more you can learn about helping yourself to heal. Your All-Inclusive Healing Imagery will teach you to include all the treatments and healing modalities you are using into your healing imagery, and allow you to customize and change it over time.

$ 15.95