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About Dr. Marty Rossman

Hi, my name is Dr. Marty Rossman. I founded The Healing Mind in order to promote the use of high quality mind/body self-care tools in self-healing and in the health professions. I am a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School and have a career-spanning interest in the practical importance of attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and mind/body practices in medicine and health. 

I am the author of The Worry Solution (Crown Archetype, NY, 2011), Fighting Cancer from Within (Holt, NY, 2003),  and the award winning self-help book Guided Imagery for Self Healing (New World Library, Oct. 2000) and  have also authored numerous professional textbook chapters on imagery, mind/body healing and integrative medicine.  I offer dozens of  inexpensive books, audios and multimedia courses teaching mind/body healing that complement any medical care you may need at

A great deal of medical research shows that when people get actively involved in their own health care, they feel better, have fewer symptoms, visit the doctor less and take fewer medications. Because excessive stress underlies so many poor health habits, and has so many deleterious effects on health, I have dedicated my educational efforts to teaching people how to minimize stress, resolve difficult emotions, and lead happier lives.  'The Worry Solution Online Course' is the latest and most up-to-date way to learn how to use your mind/body connection to decrease stress and increase happiness.

Follow along as I teach you how to use guided imagery and meditation to calm your mind, calm your body and make your life easier to enjoy!