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Learn How to Be an Excellent Worrier!

Registration is open! September 28 - 30 

I'll be doing another workshop at the beautiful, relaxing, inspiring 1440 Multiversity campus in Santa Cruz in September. Great place, great setting, great food.

You'll learn:  
  • Why worry is actually a helpful thing if you do it right.
  • How to separate your "good worry" from "bad worry."
  • Why it is so easy to develop a "bad worry" habit, and how to avoid that.
  • How to make "good worry" a source of power and effectiveness.
  • How to connect more clearly with your intuition  to help you make good 
  • decisions.
  • Experience a degree of freedom from worry that you might not have imagined was possible.

This little workshop works great on this schedule - a couple of hours Friday evening, a few hours Saturday and Sunday morning. Time to reflect, walk, nap, swim in the hot pool, get a massage. You could feel human again! Come on down - you'll get refreshed and renewed.  

By the way, this is a terrific workshop for teenagers or college students who overstress. A gift that keeps on giving! 

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