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I'm Interested in Your Healing Story

Casting Call!

      I'm consulting on a brilliant series of 4-5 minute films that show how real people have benefited from various complementary or alternative healing practices. These films are likely to be in wide distribution and we are looking for someone who has had an important, preferably transformational or deeply healing experience from the use of Guided Imagery.

      The healing can be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional. We are especially interested in people who have found Guided Imagery helpful in dealing with cancer and cancer treatment but we are very interested in your healing stories whatever the condition.
      If you would like to share your healing experience with Guided Imagery so that others can benefit too, then please click here or on the button below to complete the form.

      All of your information will be held in strictest confidence and nothing will be done with them without getting your express consent for any usage. 


        Dr. Rossman